Improving Landscape

What other considerations are important when planning what to do and when to improve my landscape?

Irrigation – A properly designed and installed irrigation system with automatic controls can be a life saver for your landscape, especially if your lifestyle does not afford you the time to spend watering the plants regularly. Unless you want a rock or cactus garden, appropriate watering is the single most important task in any landscaping maintenance plan.

Drainage and Erosion Control – This element of the design is also very important for landscape maintenance and longevity, second only to irrigation. In this area, when it rains it pours. It is important to control runoff from rooflines, gutters and raised beds so that the soil and mulch covering the root systems of your plants and trees does not end up in the storm drain or your walkway and driveway. We take care in every design to account for drainage and erosion issues so that we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Plant Selection – It comes as no surprise that certain plants and trees do better than others in our climate. But did you know that your specific surroundings give your location its own “micro” climate? Plant selection for your location’s micro climate is every bit as important as considering plants indigenous to our macro climate. We will use our knowledge and experience to help you through the selection process.

Owner’s Preference Assessment© – Our systematic approach to landscape design and installation begins with the Owner’s Preference Assessment©. Watt Landscaping developed this tool to help ensure that we fully understand your specific needs and preferences prior to embarking on the design. This assessment tool will help us both to think through some of the issues presented above relative to your specific needs as well as many other factors that are very important to the design and installation of your unique landscape. To receive your Owner’s Preference Assessment© tool, click on “Schedule a Consultation”, tell us about yourself and your needs, and a Watt Landscaping professional will promptly contact you and will tell you how to receive your own Owner’s Preference Assessment©.