Watt Landscaping’s mission is to help you achieve the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted!

What sets Watt Landscaping apart from the rest is our Owner’s Preference Landscape System© (OPLS). The OPLS© is a design process that adds value, long term enjoyment, and security to your property. We are a family business that seeks to apply honesty, experience, and excellence on every project we take.

Watt Landscaping’s legacy is our customers.  We rely on their testimonies to show that we can be trusted to help you achieve the outdoor environment you’ve always wanted. We take pride in giving personalized attention to each client and providing a full range of landscape services.

Watt Landscaping is a family business that can help you avoid landscape pitfalls by applying professional knowledge, experience and a high standard of excellence.

Jason Watt turned his passion for the natural environment and landscape planning to help people design their own outdoor environment. He is a Registered Landscape Architect #2478 with over 19 years in the Katy / Houston area. He graduated from Texas A&M (’96) with a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture. Jason is the client’s main contact from the beginning to the end of the Watt Landscaping OPLS© experience.

The Watt family operates Watt Landscaping with a commitment to achieve and exceed your expectations for your outdoor environment. We value your trust as we apply honesty, experience and excellence to create an outdoor environment that will bring joy, comfort and wonderful memories in your life. Colossians 3:17

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